Meet Our Rescues

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Meet Our Rescues

Smores was brought to us at 1 1/2 weeks old very malnourished. She stayed inside with us (even slept in bed) until she was healthy to go outside with the others. She loves to dress up and cuddle with people.

Hope and Rue. This momma and daughter pair were pulled out of a slaughter house by Guardians of Rescue. They now enjoy their life with us playing and climbing on the jungle gym.

Stomp and Blizzard. Stomp was also pulled out of the slaughter house by Guardians of Rescue while she was pregnant. Blizzard was born the day of Blizzard Juno. Both love to sunbathe.

Squeak became best friends with smores instantly. She was pulled out of a bad situation in Pennsylvania. They both love to have sleep overs in the house.

Scarlett Johamson was rescued by Pigs4me on Long Island. She now has become a permanent family member who loves to rearrange the cushions on the living room couch.

Blue, named after the courageous heros from the 103rd precinct that not only rescued this guy but also protects all of us!

Wendy and Peter Pan were found in Connetquot State Park. Wendy was pregnant and had 4 healthy babies.

Pippi Ann Longstocking was a triplet that her mom did not accept. Her owner didn't time to spend time with her and was kept in a crate for the first 3 weeks of her life. She is now a happy goat!!

Brighton and Alice cane together from Pigs4me Rescue. Brighton is a love bug and Alice runs the pen.

Ferdie was destined for slaughter. WIth the help of some caring people and another rescue we were able to get him safe. Ferdie is a pocket goat, which means he loves to be right next to you all the time.

Tucker and Callie were badly neglected. Under weight, feet, teeth and other prevented measures they were lacking for years. Now they are happy, healthy and love giving rides to children.

Cinderella was found along with 2 other bunnies in their cages on the side of the LIE. Cinderella loves to be pet by people. We have rehomed the 2 other bunnies.

Yoda came to us with a high temperture and a swollen back leg. He is now healthy and loves going places.

Pheobe and Baby Belle was saved by Strong Island Rescue. We have adopted them and they are enjoying their new life!